Saturday, November 29, 2008

I cannot tell you in words how much all your comments have meant to me. They really have lifted me up. I know all will be well and I thank my heavenly father it is the birth of a new life rather then the end of one. I was thinking about all that goes wrong and I thought she doesn't have cancer or was killed in a car accident so I will be thankful for the new life that will be in my life. I will focus on all the blessings that a little child brings with it and the joy that it will bring. I will be strong for my daughter that will need all the support that she can get.  I'm going to focus on Christmas and my family, and not worry so much about something that will not happen for a while. I hope everyone has a blessed and truly happy holiday season.  And I know I will stop and ponder the reason we have this joyous time and the blessings I have, In a troubled world full of heartache and trials, There is still so much to be happy and hopeful about. So happy Holidays and have a wonderful Sunday. Love j

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi Everyone!!! I have not vanished. just simply living in a nightmare at the moment. My 18 year old daughter is pregnant. I'm very sad, and trying to wrap my mind around all of this. I guess you never know what path life will take.  And it never is what you plan on. I believe god has a purpose for every challenge and this one will be a struggle for me. There are alot of things I'm so worried about. She is bi-polar and I'm worried about what pregnancy will do to her mental state. She has struggled since 6 years old. durning her life she has done wonderful things, like graduating high school was a very big deal for her. Holding down a job, and going to beauty school. relationships are so hard for her. I guess I'm venting, because I have to hold alot in, so her self-esteem does not suffer anymore. I can't even get angry or cry around her. So if I disappear for a while please understand. Thanks for all you friendships. love J