Saturday, November 29, 2008

I cannot tell you in words how much all your comments have meant to me. They really have lifted me up. I know all will be well and I thank my heavenly father it is the birth of a new life rather then the end of one. I was thinking about all that goes wrong and I thought she doesn't have cancer or was killed in a car accident so I will be thankful for the new life that will be in my life. I will focus on all the blessings that a little child brings with it and the joy that it will bring. I will be strong for my daughter that will need all the support that she can get.  I'm going to focus on Christmas and my family, and not worry so much about something that will not happen for a while. I hope everyone has a blessed and truly happy holiday season.  And I know I will stop and ponder the reason we have this joyous time and the blessings I have, In a troubled world full of heartache and trials, There is still so much to be happy and hopeful about. So happy Holidays and have a wonderful Sunday. Love j


Linda said...

So good to see you can come around to focus on all the positive. I know it can be hard to do that at times. I would have felt the same way had it been my daughter if I had gotten that news when she was 18 as well. I wish you a blessed and happy Holiday season!!

Jan said...

I am so glad you read the comments your blog friends have passed on to is the start of a new beginning, not an end! Remember that so many of us have gone through similar trials in our lives, whether it be sisters, brothers,nieces or nephews, sons or daughters, and everything happens in it's own time for a reason. I can only tell you that a grandchild is a gift that trumps every question, and I know you will feel that way in the future. Please email me at (you can delete my address if you can)if you want to chat some more. I can tell you some history that may put your mind more at ease. Be good with yourself and your family, and remember ,as someone else said, to BREATHE and be at peace. Big warm hugs, Jan

Rue said...

I'm so sorry that you and your family have been going through this. Don't worry too much. My mom was 18 when she had me and I'm somewhat normal ;)

I hope I gave you a giggle, because I think you need one right now :)


cindy said...

Got all of your xmas shopping done?...I am almost finished (I think). I just wanted to tell you I was looking at your xmas pictures again and I really like that old stocking with the pine in it that hangs down from your shelf. My camera brock or I would have some Christmas photos...I may have to break down and get a new one, so I can share. Cindy