Monday, December 29, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! And as new years approaches I start to think what the new year will bring. I know that change is coming in my life, But life never stays the same long anyway. I took down one of my trees today, And every year as I wrap up the ornaments in tissue I wonder what changes there will be when I unwrap them next year. I guess I'm scared of change and what the future holds. This has been a trying year for my family for many reasons. It has also been full of blessings. I'm so grateful for where I live and my family. I live my life for them and without them I would just be so lost. I'm thankful that I know who I am and can stand up for my principals. As 2008 winds down and 2009 approaches I give thanks to Heavenly Father for giving me life and my Family. And I wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  LOVE J

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The tree is all up and waiting for winter to arrive.Even the girls are watching and waiting.
The decorations are up and taunting everyone.

The fireplace is ready to go.And the wanna be real snowmen are waiting.
The room is all cozy and waiting for hot chocolate.
And santa is on board also.
But guess what? NO SNOW!!!!! It has been 50 degrees plus for weeks. Come on I live in Utah, winter arrives in October here. I know everyone hates cold and snow. But I love it. Cant wait to ski, and wear cute sweaters. so uggggg. Think SNOW for me guys. I'M READY.  LOVE J

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I cannot tell you in words how much all your comments have meant to me. They really have lifted me up. I know all will be well and I thank my heavenly father it is the birth of a new life rather then the end of one. I was thinking about all that goes wrong and I thought she doesn't have cancer or was killed in a car accident so I will be thankful for the new life that will be in my life. I will focus on all the blessings that a little child brings with it and the joy that it will bring. I will be strong for my daughter that will need all the support that she can get.  I'm going to focus on Christmas and my family, and not worry so much about something that will not happen for a while. I hope everyone has a blessed and truly happy holiday season.  And I know I will stop and ponder the reason we have this joyous time and the blessings I have, In a troubled world full of heartache and trials, There is still so much to be happy and hopeful about. So happy Holidays and have a wonderful Sunday. Love j

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi Everyone!!! I have not vanished. just simply living in a nightmare at the moment. My 18 year old daughter is pregnant. I'm very sad, and trying to wrap my mind around all of this. I guess you never know what path life will take.  And it never is what you plan on. I believe god has a purpose for every challenge and this one will be a struggle for me. There are alot of things I'm so worried about. She is bi-polar and I'm worried about what pregnancy will do to her mental state. She has struggled since 6 years old. durning her life she has done wonderful things, like graduating high school was a very big deal for her. Holding down a job, and going to beauty school. relationships are so hard for her. I guess I'm venting, because I have to hold alot in, so her self-esteem does not suffer anymore. I can't even get angry or cry around her. So if I disappear for a while please understand. Thanks for all you friendships. love J

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi guys!!!! Life has been so crazy that I have not been able to even log on. So today is Sunday and a good day to relax and do some blogging. Here are my newest halloween decoration finds. I got the cute witches hat and pumpkin picture at a harvest boutique. The hat matches perfectly with the witch shoe I got last year. I was so excited when I realized they were a pair. Here is a full view of the shelf and how it works together.

I also got this cute pumpkin. My house is so full of Halloween I only buy what I fall in love with. And this year there were so many cute things.

And here is my favorite. She is a handmade witch, and sooo cute. here name is Glendora

This is my front porch all decorated for Halloween. I love Halloween and my Birthday is in October so I collect alot of decorations I get for my Birthday.

Here is a view of my front entrance.

This is my front porch all decked out. I love Fall.

Here is a view from my side yard. I woke up this morning and the mountains were on fire with so much color, so I just had to share.

As this time of year comes around everyone gets so busy with holiday activities. So I will be posting a little less then normal. Work, kids activities and life sometimes takes over. Love J

Monday, October 6, 2008


I won Karen's giveaway over at my yellow farmhouse. And I got my goodies on friday. Look at how cute she packaged everything.
I won this beautiful table runner that she quilted.

And these cute little fall apples.
Thanks so much karen. If you have not visited her blog, you need to do so. She is one of the most talanted ladies I know, and her quilts are eye candy. And she has such a great life, she travels, quilts, cooks, and has such fun with her peeps. I have enjoyed her blog so much, and look forward to new posts. thanks again. love J

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kitchen Tour

I have been looking around trying to make up my mind on kitchen ideas. We had to put off the renovation for a few months because we are in the construction industry. Things have hit hard the last year. I hope things get better soon. Anyway it has given me time to really weigh my choices. My SIL is great at painting furniture. And I think I will have him refinish my cabinets. They are only 11 years old and in great shape. I also think I will have cement counter tops. I have seen some that look very rustic. soooo cute. Anyway my SIL friend has refinished his cabinets and here are the pictures of his kitchen. These are wood floors that he glazed black. There are several colors underneath and he distressed so the colors would show through.

I love the cream glaeze he used.

A close-up at the distress work.

Anyway let me know what you think. I dont think I would like this much distress but the idea is there of what I want. Anyway hope you enjoyed the tour. Love J

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Haunted Tour!

The Halloween village is put up. My back aches and more decorating to do but I think it looks sooo Halloweenie here. (is that a word?) Anyway Here is the tour through my own Halloween Town. ariel view. Of Main town. Ariel of the country.

Ariel of Witch Valley.

Were now visiting The farm. lots of pumpkins and a hayride happening.

Look at the cute trick or treaters in the costume parade. The pumpkin carving stand and the square dance towards the back.

The spooky graveyard at the edge of town, welcoming visitors.

Here is downtown. And a taxi to take you anywhere you want to go.

Here is the Hallween carnival. Take a ride if you dare.

And finally the only way out of Halloween town. A ride on the haunted scooner.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Love J

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Halloween sneak peek!!!!

I have been running around in a dither trying to get decorating done, kids activities taken care of and laundry. Had to regrout the shower also so I have not posted for a few days. I love halloween! I go all out for the holiday. It takes about a week to put everything up, so here is what I have done so far.

After looking at the pictures, everything looks like crap, but in person it looks better.(wish I were better at taking pictures.)

This is my halloween village. It takes about 8 hours to set up. I really thought about not doing it this year but this morning mike carried it up before I got out of the shower. So I guess that means It's going up. I still have the outside to do, I need straw,cornstalks,pumpkins and decorations. so here is my start and I will post the village when it is done. WISH ME LUCK. lOVE j

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new creation and my top ten fall list.

This is my new creation. Mike brought home an old window frame for me It was so primitive I had to use it. So I kept it in a shed for two years. One day I got an idea for it. I cleaned it up, but left the original paint on it. Had my son inlaw varnish it so the cracking paint would not fall off. Then he stapled black screen to the back of it. I had a star hanging in my family room that I did not hang back up. so I placed it in the middle of the window frame. I hung it above my bed. I think it looks really cute and it is unique. Here is a close-up of it
Everyone has been posting about fall and the things they love about it. So here is my list.

1-I love how the sunlight changes in the fall
2-I love to see the wind blow fallen leaves across the road when I'm driving.
3-pumpkin patches.
4-halloween decorations.
5-fall traditions and activities with my family.
6-wearing cute sweaters.
7-carmel apples.
8-a rainy afternoon.
9-bringing out the quilts for the bed.
10-call me crazy, but I love fallen leaves on my lawn. I put off raking them.
Well there it is. hope everyone is well. Love J

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok, here it is. I'm still waiting for shutters. So be honest and tell me what you think!

Love J