Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Haunted Tour!

The Halloween village is put up. My back aches and more decorating to do but I think it looks sooo Halloweenie here. (is that a word?) Anyway Here is the tour through my own Halloween Town. ariel view. Of Main town. Ariel of the country.

Ariel of Witch Valley.

Were now visiting The farm. lots of pumpkins and a hayride happening.

Look at the cute trick or treaters in the costume parade. The pumpkin carving stand and the square dance towards the back.

The spooky graveyard at the edge of town, welcoming visitors.

Here is downtown. And a taxi to take you anywhere you want to go.

Here is the Hallween carnival. Take a ride if you dare.

And finally the only way out of Halloween town. A ride on the haunted scooner.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Love J

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Halloween sneak peek!!!!

I have been running around in a dither trying to get decorating done, kids activities taken care of and laundry. Had to regrout the shower also so I have not posted for a few days. I love halloween! I go all out for the holiday. It takes about a week to put everything up, so here is what I have done so far.

After looking at the pictures, everything looks like crap, but in person it looks better.(wish I were better at taking pictures.)

This is my halloween village. It takes about 8 hours to set up. I really thought about not doing it this year but this morning mike carried it up before I got out of the shower. So I guess that means It's going up. I still have the outside to do, I need straw,cornstalks,pumpkins and decorations. so here is my start and I will post the village when it is done. WISH ME LUCK. lOVE j

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new creation and my top ten fall list.

This is my new creation. Mike brought home an old window frame for me It was so primitive I had to use it. So I kept it in a shed for two years. One day I got an idea for it. I cleaned it up, but left the original paint on it. Had my son inlaw varnish it so the cracking paint would not fall off. Then he stapled black screen to the back of it. I had a star hanging in my family room that I did not hang back up. so I placed it in the middle of the window frame. I hung it above my bed. I think it looks really cute and it is unique. Here is a close-up of it
Everyone has been posting about fall and the things they love about it. So here is my list.

1-I love how the sunlight changes in the fall
2-I love to see the wind blow fallen leaves across the road when I'm driving.
3-pumpkin patches.
4-halloween decorations.
5-fall traditions and activities with my family.
6-wearing cute sweaters.
7-carmel apples.
8-a rainy afternoon.
9-bringing out the quilts for the bed.
10-call me crazy, but I love fallen leaves on my lawn. I put off raking them.
Well there it is. hope everyone is well. Love J

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok, here it is. I'm still waiting for shutters. So be honest and tell me what you think!

Love J

Monday, September 8, 2008

The power of blogging!!!

The power of blogging is amazing. I'm watching the local news tonight, And guess what? there's a story of a couple that were in a plane crash and severely burned. A blogging friend that lives in the new york area set up ebay auctions and other bloggers are auctioning things on their blogs to raise money for this couple and their children. They have raised over 100,000 dollars for this family. I'm putting up a link so you can check out this story. Also if you go to you can read the whole story in full. Love J

Fairy Tale Cottages

I like to call these type of homes Fairy Tale Cottages. I'm not real sure on the total history of these homes, but they are dated post World War Two and pre depression era. They are noted for their arched entries, unique roof materials, chimneys and rock exteriors. luckily these homes are well maintained in my area because they are in high demand. (Everyone wants a fairy tale I suppose.) This one is my favorite the roof looks like it is made of mushroom tops, and I imagine the seven dwarf's live here. This one is on a national registry and has stained glass windows. I could not get close due to traffic. but this is known as snow whites home by all the people in my city.

This one has the same arched entry and the brick detail around the door is so cute.

This one is gorgeous, but the sun was not right to get the photo.

beautiful stone front with aged trees welcoming all who come to visit.

Look at the Rapunzel steeple,

This has the same kind of Rapunzel steeple. ( And yes that is the correct term.)

This one has been added onto. (Before codes were in place to keep to it's original plan.)

There were so many more, but for reasons like people wondering what I was doing taking pictures of their homes or plain old traffic I could not get them all. But It was fun looking at these beauties. Can you imagine the people that were the original people that built these homes. I question. Were they as unique as the homes. I wonder!!!!! Love J

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm sitting here thinking about fall decorating, Although I need to put the family room back together before I can start. I was going over in my mind what I have and how to put it together and I realized how much I have learned these past few monthes and how it will impact how I put things together this year. I have learned and growen so much. Your friendships mean the world. When I started visiting RMS I would often think to myself how can anyone make friends on a decorating website? But soon I was hooked. The advice is priceless. Now that everyone is blogging and sharing their lives, What a blessing to meet people we would never know otherwise. So I just wanted to let everyone know thanks. Love J

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swiss Days and park city.

On Friday my daughter and I went to a annual swiss day festival. There are hundred of boothes with the most beautiful handcrafted items you will ever see. These items are made from a women who lives in washington state and she designs her own patterns. Here are the things I bought.

I cant wait to put these things in my new family room. I wanted to take pictures of the festival, But they have strict rules of photos. (copy rights.) So I could not get pictures of any of the boothes, but trust me, I could have bought everything. But mike would have killed me, with all the money I have spent on the family room. OH WELL!!

The festival is held in Midway Utah. It is located right above Park City Utah. So on our way my Daughter took pictures of Park City. this is pictures of huge homes right on the ski resorts. (click on the photos and you can get a better view of them.)

This is the entrance of the olympic park where alot of the parties were held and press conferences were, and also the today show filmed it's morning show.

This picture is a distance picture of Park City.

This also is Park City.

This is a picture of a ski run in the summer. See the olympic symbols on the runs. I hope you all enjoyed the trip, We had a blast. Love J