Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

Well I finished It!!!! one of my favorite things to do is cross stitch. It really is nice to sit and stitch and listen to music. I have been working on this one way too long, whewww It's done. So guess what I get to do now???? Start Halloween patterns. I'm so excited about this. Halloween is my favorite holiday. And fall my favorite Season. I need to take this to the framers, and I will post it when I get it back. I'm not quite sure what color frame to do. I know I will do distressed but there is alot of mustard yellow in this, so if I choose yellow I think it will blend to much.
This one is ready to go to the framers also. But I think maybe I will turn it into throw pillow. hmmmmmm.

I have this one to finish from last Halloween.

Or this one, see the witches bra. on the clothes line.

well so many choices, and this is what I'm working on wednesday. Thanks for stopping by . Love J

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Drive

Well the dog days of summer are here and to escape the heat we headed up the canyon. our first stop is the oaks. This used to be a ice cream and pink popcorn stand in the early 1900's (what is pink popcorn? a pink candy coated popcorn, yum.) I live at the base of the rocky mountains. And 11 and 19 miles from two world class ski resorts.
The oaks is nestled on the banks of a stream. ( this is the view from our table.)

The wait for a table is sooo long. So here we are waiting,

and waiting.

We are all so happy to get a table.

A view of the mountains in the canyon.

Side of the mountain driving up the canyon.

These are pictures of the ogden canyon waterfall.

The very top of the waterfall.

The base of the waterfall.

Thanks for stopping by. j

Thursday, July 24, 2008


These are a few of my favorite things in my home. This is my half bath off of my family room. I'm still decorating this room. I don't like to just put things in a room just to feel it. I like to take my time and find something that I truly love. So if it takes a while that is ok with me.
My cute little houses. I dont think this is their final spot, but it works for now.

I love the oval picture. so charming.

Master bath. I love toy hoarses.

game boardsd!!!! ahhhhhh

hallway for the bedrooms.

Well it seems everyone on rms hate's this chair but my husband bought it when our son was very ill and did not think he would make it. so it is something special and I won't get rid of it.

The suitcase belonged to my Gram. She kept christmas tree decorations in it. I wont clean it out because it still has tinsel and beads in it.

my july boxes.

love the colors in it and the design.

I would love to live in this house.

My fireplace. But I have big plans for this. STAY TUNED

more toy hoarses.

I love roosters too.

my corner cabinet.

living room.

Thanks for stopping by. j

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tribute to grandma

Yesterday I came across pickett's post about her grandmother's. I was so touched that I could think of nothing else going to sleep and when I woke up it was still there. Her words were so beautiful that I think I could feel an arm around me. So all morning I was thinking of my own grandmother. I only had one, my father's mother died when he was 12. I lived with her from the time I was born until 13. My father was hooked on drugs and my mother divorced him. so my Grandmother was like a mother also. I had my first daughter at 17 and with out her helping us buy formula and diapers I don't know what we would have done. She gave advice and never ever judged anyone. She survived the depression, lost her father at 11, grew up hungry. often eating oats by the handful because she knew they expanded and would fill her stomache up. She lived with an achoholic husband. And had several members of her family live with her. She had several heartattacks in her life with a bypass surgery at 55. At 71 has another this time she never fully recovered. On December 12 while everyone was christmas shopping she fell in the bathroom and passed away. We don't know what happened we did not want an autopsy. I miss her everyday and feel very robbed she died so young. She always told me to never forget who I am and where I come from. And that we have blue blood. lol she was an example to live by and will never ever be forgotten. love ya gram!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


This is a story about my father inlaw. My Mother inlaw and I have often talked about the fact that we think my father inlaw has adhd. Not just a little, but alot. his attention is that of a fruit fly. Now that you have that background here is the story. One evening my husband and I went to dinner with Jim and Lola. (the mother and father inlaw). After we had eaten Jim asked Lola if she was ready for her gum. He then handed her a stick. My husband asked what the deal was with the gum. Jim tells us he had seen a commerical saying that if you chewed a piece of gum after eating It would reduce acid in the stomache. Lola has acid reflux and is always searching for new remedies that could help. So the gum is the cure. I asked him if it was helping, His answer was YES. Well who am I to question, if it works it works. A few days later I half heard what I thought was this gum commerical that Jim was talking about. A couple of more days and the commerical appeared again. You will never guess what the commerical said, remembering the adhd issue. It said that chewing gum after meals reduced acid in the mouth, therefore helping gingivitis. OMG. I laughed my ass off. called my husband and to this day 5 years later it still gets brought up. But my husband lovingly explained that tums were a better solution, and the gum was for mouth acid. But to save face Jim still claims that it helped, but no more gum rations did we ever see again.

Friday, July 18, 2008




Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I'm doing wednesday

This is what I'm doing this week. We put up a new vinyl fence, and so now I have flower beds to put in. I have on bed put in except the wood chips. I have the whole rest of the yard to do. Here are the pictures of all the work that I have to do.Pictures of my completed beds. I can't wait for them to mature.
The third plant from the left is yarrow and the blooms look like lady bugs.

I have to dig up all of this grass and put down topsoil. I'm tired just thinking about it.

more work. see the bags waiting for me.

I have dug up some of it.

There's the shovel waiting for me.