Thursday, January 22, 2009

here is my crow  I have been working on. We got a new mac computer and I'm still figuring out all the buttons so please be patient with me. If you turn your head sideways you can make it out. lol.  I hope everyone being effected by the frigid temps are surviving. Utah has been unseasonably warm and no snow for almost 3 weeks. Which makes terrible winter sports activities. So we have been going to alot of movies. I loved Benjamin Button. Samantha has been playing around with the computer, and taking pictures of herself and distorting them. Love the pink streaks in her hair. 
She looks like an alien in this picture.
I had a little scare with Hillary. Her pap test came back with precancerous cells. But the doctor says nothing can be done until after the baby is born. but is telling us she thinks everything will be fine and not to worry. Yea right. I can handle alot but not cancer. But I'm telling myself it is not cancer and there are alot of treatments. Anyway trying to get through january. I hate this month. And I have been trying out alot of new recipes. My family are the taste testers. Some are keepers and others are garbage. I think that after we find out the sex of the baby I will try my hand at making some quilts. My Mil quilts so I will recruit her help on my next adventure. hope all is well with everyone. Love J

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little this and a little that.

Here is a family picture my Daughter and SIL gave me for Christmas. I love it, and it is nice to have a current family photo. It has been snowing here. We have had about 9-10 inches this week, but today is 50 degrees because there is another storm coming in tonight. (The warm before the storm.)
This is what I have been working on. I have the crow body done but still working on the rest. The wings have been tricky. So I'm moving very slow.
This is my sewing craft room. I'm getting ready to move out. I have to move Hillary in here so She can have a bigger room and a bathroom for herself. This will give her own space so it will easier with the baby, and then later the baby can have her old room. The change begins. 
Hope everyone is having a great week. Love J

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well it is a new year, The kids went back to school Christmas is down and put away and life is returning to normal. Hillary is in the middle of morning sickness, forgot how yucky that is. and She is due July 25. We have been to the doctor and everything is going good. Here is a picture of the ultrasound. We will find out the sex in 5 weeks. 
Christmas was nice, It turned out to be a white one. And wouldn't you know with budget cuts the streets were not plowed and it was like a ice rink. It seemed like we ate watched movies and played wii and rock band for two weeks. I have become lazy with all play and no work. It will be sooo nice to get back to projects and routines, but I do enjoy spending time with family.
It has been great reading about everyone's Holidays. their traditions and thoughts on the season. I will miss it but it will be back before we know it. Anyway I think things are a little calmer so I will be posting more. Love always J