Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little this and a little that.

Here is a family picture my Daughter and SIL gave me for Christmas. I love it, and it is nice to have a current family photo. It has been snowing here. We have had about 9-10 inches this week, but today is 50 degrees because there is another storm coming in tonight. (The warm before the storm.)
This is what I have been working on. I have the crow body done but still working on the rest. The wings have been tricky. So I'm moving very slow.
This is my sewing craft room. I'm getting ready to move out. I have to move Hillary in here so She can have a bigger room and a bathroom for herself. This will give her own space so it will easier with the baby, and then later the baby can have her old room. The change begins. 
Hope everyone is having a great week. Love J


Linda said...

What a lovely picture of you all! I love wedding pics!!

cynthialeedesigns said...

I have that same crow pattern, but haven't started it yet. Can't wait to see yours when it is all done.

cynthialeedesigns said...

The sheep pattern that you were asking me about is called "Saltbox House Sheep" by Sassafras Creek Primitives...purchased from PatternMart. She also has another sheep pattern with a crow on it's back. The pattern called for painting the scene on to the sheep's side, but I have a passion for machine embroidery and decided to do that on the 2 sheep I made. They were Christmas gifts and I hope to make one for myself here real soon.

cindy said...

Great family photo! The crow will be really cute when done, is he holding a snowman? good! Cindy

Jan said...

Hi J! It is great to hear of the plans for Hillary and the baby... You may be losing a craft room, but will have lots of fun and excitement to make up for it! Please show us how you and Hillary redo the room before the baby arrives! When will you know if its a boy or girl? That is a beautiful wedding picture you received for Christmas. We got one from my son and family who teach in Oman, and it is spectacular, I love it and am trying to do one with the other kids family's to place with it. Take care, and watch that slick snow! Jan